SAU's Three Head Filmmakers:

Jidobi Chime

Nile Garcia

Noah Schwartz

what we do.

At SAU, we make independent films. Our catalog can be found on the OUR FILMS page of this site. It consists of shorts ranging from standard narrative to the more experimental, all of which have been written, directed, and produced by us.


We are also a crew for hire for those in need of a team capable of directing, screenwriting, cinematography, producing, editing, etc. Being a multi-faceted collective, we can provide the minds, bodies, and hands necessary to do the work needed for a well functioning film production.


Also, although our work can be viewed online, we host events to connect with our audience on an intimate level. On this more personal scale, film can often be used as a tool to bring us closer together and to the things we care about.

We will be exhibiting the work of our team as well as the work of others more in the future.

Why we do it.

We are three individuals, each with our own motivations and aspirations, but we all believe in a single truth: stories shape who we are. The stories we share represent how we feel, what we know and what we believe in. Stories not only reflect our inner self but also expand our consciousness and connect us as individuals. This is what SAU stands for.

We have promised to invest in each other's dreams as well as the dreams of the people we work with. We challenge each other on what we think we know about film-making, storytelling, and, thus, the world at large.


via email, social media, or our online forum down below if interested in commissions.

We are a New York City based production company.



storiesareusfilms@gmail.com   |   New York, NY

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